Used Airguns For Sale

WARRANTY: NO WARRANTY is OFFERED or IMPLIED in any way for used airguns. All airguns are tested on arrival and at the time of packing. ALL AIRGUNS ARE- SHOOTING (unless otherwise stated) ALL used AIRGUNS are "Offered - AS-IS"

Other models are in stock but not yet resealed, if you are looking for a particular airgun. No catalog is available.

Prices listed here do NOT include shipping - Email Sue for more information.

Left Side Right SideModelDescriptionGun ValueRebuild PriceTotalAsking PriceRebuild Date
Benjamin 132.22 Caliber$80$70 + pump arm $20$170SOLD09/14
Crosman 101.22 Caliber Unique Airgun1 $200$125$325Sold07/14
Crosman 140.22 Caliber Early Variant$100$70$170$14009/14
Crosman 180 #1.22 Caliber Early Variant$155$70$225$16009/14
Crosman 180 #2.22 Caliber Early Variant$155$70$225$16009/14
Crosman PeaceMaker 44.177 Caliber$95$70$150$12009/14
Hahn 45BB Caliber $95$70$165$12009/14
Sheridan Blue Streak.20 Caliber Rocker Safety$185$70$255SOLD09/14
Sheridan EB.20 Caliber Pistol$110$70$180SOLD09/14
1. This one has been refinished and nickel plated minor scratch on stock